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Transactions made using Krypto-Pay: 2

Welcome fellow crypto holders. We're introducing Krypto-Pay to our financial infrastructure. We'd like to explore a new transaction method within the clothing industry. Currently we are only accepting Ethereum (ETH). If you already own ETH and are familiar with crypto currency, its a fairly simple process and here is how you can go about it... 



Step 1:  Order preparation

Email us your order at

Step 2:  Order Confirmation

We'll put together your order and confirm it on our end. Once you approve that the order is correct, we'll send you our Ethereum wallet address so you can make the payment.

(Please provide your name & shipping address in this email) 

Step 3:  Proof of Purchase

Once we receive payment we'll provide you with a receipt and your order will be shipped within 24 hours.

(Tracking provided) 

       The live ticker above displays how many transaction have

been successfully completed using Krypto Pay 

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